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About A | K | O Innovations, LLC


The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ is the first ever tool designed specifically for removing carpet and rug dents.  Until now only dated, time-consuming, and unreliable “home remedies” were available. 
A | K | O Innovations, the makers of The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ are excited to bring to the marketplace a simple, affordable, high quality, innovative tool that removes carpet dents on all carpets and rugs.
After many years of being frustrated and annoyed by pesky carpet indentations, and useless "home remedies" to fix them, the inventor of The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ began to experiment with various “makeshift” tools to solve the carpet indentation problem. Nothing worked, so she began her journey into developing a simple, handheld tool, that solves a common household problem - the patent-pending Original Carpet Dent Remover™.  

Is a woman-owned, business located in Issaquah, Washington U.S.A  


Q. Does The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ work on all carpets and rugs?


A.  We have vigorously tested the tool on a variety of carpets from standard pile of various heights and densities, to berber, cut loop berber, shag and frieze. We have also tested on various fibers including nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, wool and triexta. We have yet to find a carpet that doesn’t benefit from the love of The Original Carpet Dent Remover™

Q. I just use my fingernails to get dents out of the carpet. Why do I need a special tool?


A. Carpets are a catch-all for dirt, dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet urine, dead skin cells, insect feces, insect husks, bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds, and many other types of allergens that cling to the fibers. Using your fingers will transfer these substances under your fingernails. Please use a very stiff fingernail brush, hot water and plenty of soap to prevent the spread of disease if you use your fingernails. However, to avoid the transfer of germs we recommend using The Original Carpet Dent Remover™.  

Q. Does the type of carpet pad make a difference?

A. Yes, thicker pads make bigger dents. Carpets with thinner pads or no pad don’t dent as easily. Depending on the age of the pad, the length of time for the pad to rebound may vary.

Q. What about my carpet pad, will The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ lift the dented carpet pad too?

A.  You will see immediate results from using the tool, however depending on the severity of the dent it may take longer for the pad to absorb air and be returned to its original state.

Q. My carpet is very old and so is the pad. Will it still work?

A.  Depending on the severity of the dent the tool will lift the fibers. You may need to go over the dent multiple times until you see desired results. However, carpet pads can be permanently damaged. We have seen carpet removed to reveal completely disintegrated pads. If your pad is 20 years or younger it should eventually bounce back.

Q. I noticed the tines occasionally  bend slightly when I used the tool. Should I return the product? 


A.  After much research and development, we used a type of steel that has some “spring” to it for the tines. The springy metal is more gentle on carpets and rugs. However, the tines may bend if used too vigorously.  If this occurs, simply shape the bent tine to its original position - it is not a defect.


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