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The Original Carpet Dent Remover™

The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ is made of high-quality stainless steel with a beautiful luster finish. The handle is solid stainless steel. The tines have been carefully crafted to glide through all types of carpeting without damaging carpet fibers. The knotted looped handle is made of 100% full grain leather for lasting durability.

The Original Carpet Dent Remover™

  • We recommend hanging the The Original Carpet Dent Remover™ by the durable leather loop in a handy place that's easily accessible.


    By the way, many customers have told us they enjoy having a few Original Carpet Dent Removers™ throughout their homes. 


  • The Origninal Carpet Dent Remover™ is low maintenance. However, should your tool need cleaning, we recommend cleaning with a product designed for stainless steel. Or try one of the natural methods below: 

    • Vinegar: Buff with a soft damp cloth lightly dampened with undiluted white vinegar. Dry immediately with a soft cloth.
    • Lemon juice and/or olive oil apply either with a soft dry cloth. Be sure to buff out residual residue.
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